The panoramic photos are images that cover a wide viewing angle of 360° horizontal for 180° vertical realized with a particular technique of shooting and viewing “wrap-around”.

This images can faithfully represent landscape around us and allow to observe the totality of scene.

Panoramic images are linked together with hotspots and they create a virtual tour.

The addition of photos, texts and multimedia elements enrich the virtual tour and they create an engaging  experience, rich of informations.

The possibility to pause as you like on details and freely to observe up and down, to the right and to the left  give a total sense of immersion.

The inspection of the location that would be photographed, the shooting and the operations of post-production (retouching and editing of images) are the main steps of development. Finally there is the publication on web with a powerfull and multiform player that, with to the most current markup languages and scripting, is able to visualize the panoramic photos and virtual tour on different devices like Pc, smartphone and tablet with different operating system like Windows, IOS and Android.

Alternatively thanks to their high resolution, the panoramic images can be printed on large format without interpolation.